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I have been playing board games since around 2013 when I played my first game of Catan, demanding wood for sheep - I was hooked! From curating my collection, introducing friends to ‘modern’ games and arranging cardboard battle royales, my passion for the hobby has only grown. I love the friendliness and support the board game community offers so I wanted to add my voice to the throng and hopefully encourage more people to join the board game revolution. I started this blog as a creative channel to engage with fellow board gamers as I love to keep up to date with the community through social media and I love to discuss board games, whether its opinions, strategies or general feedback!

Combining with my other love (all things Noir!) I have created the Board Game Bureau to provide a detailed insight on a range of board games and related topics such as Kickstarter, Top Ten’s to different game strategies. Let me be your friendly Board Game Investigator - are you overwhelmed with the choice of board games on offer? Do you know what type of games you love but aren’t sure how they compare to the games you might already have? This hobby can become quite an investment, so to help you decide where you want to invest your hard earned money I want to shine the spotlight on some of the most recommended games to help you decide if they are right for you - whether you are a board game rookie or a tabletop veteran. Like all good Noir’s there will be some tough talking - I might not always agree with general opinions but I will always be honest and respectful.

If you have an idea for a post or have a game you’d like me to review, or maybe you’d like to collaborate, then please contact me – I’d love to discuss it with you! To keep up to date with the Board Game Bureau’s case files, sign up to my monthly newsletter, where I will share my latest reviews, news and some surprises. Don’t forget to follow us our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest! Your support is always greatly appreciated!

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